Opleidingen waterinfo

The waterinfo team organizes training courses for users of waterinfo.be. These courses deal with the various menus, the graphs, downloading data, and other tools available on waterinfo.

This training will not elaborate on the different map layers, or the information duty for real estate. The training will be given in Dutch.

Training is scheduled on the following dates:

  • Thursday 8 Februari 2024 12u-13u30 (online)
  • Tuesday 16 April 2024 10u-11u30 (online)
  • Monday 17 June 2024 19u30-21u (online)

Register for one of these dates via this link


Are you organizing an event for which you want to integrate training about waterinfo.be into the programme? For events for 30 participants and more, you can request a presentation about water info via the contact form.





If you want more information about the use of web services on waterinfo.be, be sure to take a look under the menu Reports/4.Manual.