Various data sets of gauged water quality parameters are available on waterinfo. This includes parameters such as acidity, oxygen content and salinity of the water. Sediment concentrations and turbidity are also measured at various locations. In addition, flow velocity and water temperature measurements are carried out at a large number of locations. Flow velocity measurements are of crucial importance as they are used to determine flow. All these parameters are measured automatically and can be immediately and continuously viewed and downloaded.

Various monitoring programs (MONEOS, OMES) are being implemented along the Scheldt estuary to build up system knowledge and provide advice to administrators. Within these monitoring programs, the HIC measures numerous water quality parameters that increase insight into the physical, ecological and chemical functioning of the estuary. The measurements are carried out in the estuary itself, as well as at the edges of the system.

Measurement data about wastewater, overflows, sediments and the results of laboratory analyzes after sampling can be found on the VMM's Geoloket Water Quality.