Under "flooding" you can find information about current and forecasted flooding in Flanders. The information shown on the map varies according to the sub-theme.

Forecasts are made on the basis of computer models. These simulate the physical properties of a waterway and compute how the water will flow through the bed. Precipitation forecasts are used as basis for these calculations.

Operator interpretationThe (HIC) officers on-duty and (VMM) operators interpret the results of these models in order to filter out the most relevant information. This interpretation can be found in the waterinfo reports.


Current situation

The current situation shows the water level and flow measurements. The current themes show only measurements and not the results of the forecasting models.

For measurement points for which thresholds have been defined, the symbols on the map change colour if specified alert or alarm thresholds have been exceeded.

For the retention basins on non-navigable watercourses, that are managed by VMM, you can check the status in the retention basin status widget.

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Short-term forecasts

The short-term forecasts have a time horizon of 48 hours. The time animation module allows the forecasted flooding contours (i.e. the blue areas on the map) and freeboards (i.e. the coloured dikes of navigable waterways) for different points in time to be displayed on the map. This does require a sufficient level of zoom. In the "forecasted situation" themes, measurement and forecasting points change colour as a function of the forecasts (green - yellow - orange - red as the severity of the situation increases).

GraphThe graphs below the map show the forecasts in the form of a dotted line. A vertical line is used to indicate the start time of the forecast (STF). A second vertical line shows the current time (NOW).


If you maximise the graph, a band of forecasts will appear next to the dotted line. This band indicates the probability of the forecast on the basis of various rainfall forecasts. The change in colour of the dykes of navigable waterways, based on the forecast, i.e. the freeboard, is also shown on the map.

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Long-term forecasts

Long-term forecasts are calculated up to 10 days ahead for a selection of locations. These graphs, too, show a band of forecasts that indicate the probability of the forecast. Uncertainty bands are calculated on the basis of various possible rainfall forecasts that predict more or less rainfall. The wider the band, i.e. the further the forecasts are from each other, the greater the uncertainty.
Long-term forecasts

Flood impact analysisProfessional users also have access to the flood impact module. This module shows the number of buildings for which flooding is forecast. It is also possible to view the percentage distribution of this total impact over the various river basins in Flanders.


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